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Вакансии и работа

Posted by brittnyez on 2010.12.08 at 10:11
Кто-то писал, мол лни алкаши, накинулись на вино... Мне кажется это естественное поведение для людей, которые были на грани смерти. Я бы в их ситуации тоже выпила бокал, хотя уже несколько лет видела открытую бутылку только в кино. Просто никто не знает что будет завтра. Правила меняются. Поиск вакансий и работы.

Доктор брал у жены Рика кровь. Скорее всего сказал, что она уже давно беремена
Как прочитала это заявление даже жевать котлету забыла и найти вакансии!
Если она беременна, то это уже санта-барбара начнется. Дальше у неё наверное будет выкидыш последуют очередные потоки слёз или лялька погибнет и герои зафонтанируют слезами!

Если ребёнок выживет, то муж увидит на кого он похож, начнет разбираться с другом, нечаянно-специально застрелит и опять таки море слёз...
Такого ужаса мой мозг уже не вынесет.

Слава богу, что было заказано только шесть серий. Наконец то они закончились. Есть большая надежда, что больше этих МЕРТВЕЦОВ мы уже никогда не увидим.
По крайней мере многие более достойные сериалы прекращали свое существование после первого сезона, думаю этот не будет исключением.

полностью согласен, но даже если не придираться к этим всем мелочам, сериал скатился до уровня бразильского "Г"... Я воздержусь от комментариев. Только и делал, что ждал именно интересного момента в фильме, только начинается пару кадров заманчивых, в следующем кадре мы видим снова тягомотину. Доктор действительно странный, если ему надоело ездить за соляркой то хотя бы предупредил всех заранее...

печаль... а так хорошо начиналась последняя серия...

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cool anarchist punk rock show

Posted by xdumb_fucksx on 2007.08.30 at 00:00

LEPER- anarcho creepcore from vancuver
MUDLARK- powerviolence from vancuver
THE DIRTBAGS- deadmonton punk
CAP'N KOPS- political crusty anti folk
THE GODDBALLS- sloppy saskatoon punk done right
MYLES AND THE BLANKS- local acoustic punk
ArynRIOT- hates the principal

103-308 4th Ave N

show at 6:45 sharp
$7 door

Ness Creek

Posted by radio_supply on 2007.07.16 at 00:28
Current Location: Captain's Ready Room
Current Music: Una furtiva lagrima (L'elisir d'amore) - Rolando Villazon (Donizetti)
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone is heading out to Ness on Saturday. I'd go earlier with my partner, but I'm committed to the opera here in town until Friday.

I'm willing to offer a comp ticket to anyone going... my e-mail is mkw411 at mail dot usask dot ca if anyone is interested!

Posted by ms_mushroom on 2007.04.26 at 12:00
is there a ravesafe organization in saskatoon?

if so, who do i contact to join?
if not, how do i start one?

x-posted to saskatoon and saskatchewans

Diplace Me

Posted by seek_will on 2007.04.17 at 01:02
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
I know this is late, and many of our members are in the middle of finals, but time is a large part of this project. From April 23-30, there is to be a global protest over the violence and displacement currently taking place in Sudan. To emphasise that time is running out for these people the concept of "Diplace Me" has been adopted. Some activist have pledge to become homeless- literally displace- but there are a variety of other ways this could be done. more information can be found at ugandacallingAny thoughts or suggestions?

bossy, mixtape

International Women's Day

Posted by procrastin_8 on 2007.02.26 at 14:47

Strong Voices, Strong Women

International Women’s Day Celebration
Thursday, March 8, 2007
The Loft – 3rd Floor
Albert Community Centre 

6:00 pm
– Free Community Fair
7:00 pm - Dinner and Program

Tickets: $20 & $10 /no & low-income
Available in advance until March 5th at YWCA
For more information please phone the
USSU Women’s Centre - 966-6980
YWCA - 244-0944 

Organized by the Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition 

Keynote Speaker
Professor Patience Elabor-Idemudia will be our keynote speaker.  Patience was born in Nigeria and her work includes a United Nations project in Nigeria and Ghana to combat human trafficking and forced labor.  She also has interests in Globalization, Women’s Development, Sex and Gender, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations.   

Music by
: Carrie Catherine
Using sassy songwriting and electric guitar, Carrie Catherine (Horachek) has a way of seducing audiences with engaging stories and a dramatic vocal style.  On her most recent release, Venus Envy, Carrie partnered with John MacArthur Ellis (Jeremy Fisher, The Be Good Tanyas, Barny Bentall) whose production flavors her distinct brand of songwriting that is artful and accessible. The album highlights Carrie’s expressive and dramatic vocal style to translate both poignant and peculiar moments with honesty.

Respect Native Rights; Protect Ancient Forests

Indigenous activists behind the Grassy Narrows logging blockade will
speak about their fight to protect their culture, their forests, and their
Indigenous people’s right to self-determination on their Traditional
Territory. The event will include live music.

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 6:30-9pm

Saskatoon public library downtown
311 23rd St East, Saskatoon

Wheelchair accessible

Donations to support Grassy Narrows are welcome.


2,500 square miles of forests, lakes and rivers north of Kenora,
have sustained the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation for thousands of
years. Now Weyerhaeuser, and Abitibi, with the consent of the Ontario government
are driving a wave of destructive logging that threatens to uproot their traditional way of life.

On December 2nd, 2002 the indigenous youth of the Grassy Narrows
First Nation lay down in the path of industrial logging machines – blocking
access to their traditional homeland. Their action sparked the longest standing
indigenous logging blockade in Canadian history.

But, more than four years later, logging is still taking place on
remote sections of Grassy Narrows’ land, and on January 17th, the people
of Grassy Narrows called for a moratorium on all logging on their traditional

Weyerhaeuser, Abitibi, and the Ontario Government refuse to stop the
logging, and respect the community’s right to manage their territory as they
see fit.

Endorsed by: Rainforest Action Network, University of Saskatchewan Indigenous
Peoples Program, Sierra Youth Coalition, Saskatoon Amnesty International
Group 33, Saskatchewan Boreal Forest Learning Centre

For more information check out:



Contact: sashalex25@hotmail.com

***There is also a potential talk by the Grassy Narrows folks on
Tuesday Feb 27th at 10am at the First Nations University of Canada in Saskatoon.
Please contact the FNUC in the beginning of next week to
confirm(306-931-1800, 1-800-267-6303).

A Gathering of Community

Posted by patricklsmith on 2007.02.22 at 20:27
Current Location: My new place has internet!
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: weather channel soundtrack
Spirit of the Buffalo is an event like no other!....really, read on.

Experience the power of the people as they come together Sat. Feb 24th from 8am-2 above the farmer's market on Av B and 20th St, for a celebration of community. Visit the farmer's market downstairs, then come upstairs and meet community leaders in health, new sciences, earth energy, music, arts and more...at the "Spirit of the Buffalo" gathering.

Guest speakers and musicians all day.

8:20 Brian D. - Folk singer - A free spirit with a voice to match.

8:40 Dieter Braun - Truth, fluoride and the third eye - An empowering 3rd-eye popping talk.

9:00 Bernard - Group meditation - A man of vision and medicine.

9:20 Matty Powell - Singer, guitarist - Soothing sounds.

9:40 Megan Jordan - Healthy, delicious, nutritious food - Food that inspires.

10:00 Dory Cook - Singer, songwriter brings medicine - Dory can tell a story like no other.

10:20 Gare Clement - Regina's very own discusses Orgonite - Gare shares his fascinating views on lifeforce energy and the power of orgonite.

10:40 Culture vultures - High energy sounds.

11:00 Gwen 0'Reilly - CHEP good food programs - Good eats.

11:20 Gabe Penna - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Relaxing heartfelt music.

11:40 Karen MacDonald - Heavenly health in a chemical world - A bright Saskatoon Light in health and knowledge.

12:00 Tala Tootoosis - A personal triumph over crystal meth. - SNTC actress shares her story.

12:20 Dory Cook, Dieter Braun and Lift me up community singers - lots of drums, chant and rhythms (bring drum).

12:40 Sandra Felix - Sturgeon Lake First Nations band counsilor.

1:00 Ironswing Jrs.- Sturgeon Lake pow wow group - Amazingly powerful drum group.

1:20 Nicki Sanderson - singer - A voice to be heard.

1:40 Sandra Finley - Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan share her personal journey from illness to wellness.

35 tables of artists, healers, environmentalists, alternative sciences, health and energy people, and community Lightworkers and leaders.
They are going to be crafters, healthy soap, orgonite, health practioners, traditional native artists, a bookstore, bison buns, psychic, more health practioners, healthy vegetarian food, gano, innercity choir, massage, essential oils, dreamcatchers, drums, first nation's community rep, biofeedback, reiki, waterless carwash, frequency health drinks, cds, saskatchewan skyview maps, tattoo, wildlife artist, birchbark biting art, traditional native music and much more. (We've got room for a few more tables)

Information table on important items of public interest including: cancer cures, Bank of Canada, historical and present day Untruths, table salt, fluoride, chemtrails, orgone energy, alternative energies, balanced living, planetary shifts and much more!

Free admission to the public and everybody is welcome.

To the Plains cultures,
the buffalo is a symbol of restoration, resilience, sacred life, service, mother earth and abundance.

for free

Posted by kerimatheson on 2007.02.08 at 17:47

If anyone wants this, it's yours. For free!
We NEED to get this out of our apartment.

The measurements are 48 3/4 inches wide x 15 3/4 inches deep x 42 inches tall.

Turn off the juice - join the initiative to draw
attention to global warming

Please pass this around. It's a French initiative that is just
arriving in North America:

The 1st of February 2007:

Participate in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global

The Alliance for the Planet [a group of environmental associations]
is calling on all citizens to create 5 minutes of electrical rest
for the planet. Http://www.lalliance.fr

People all over the world should turn off their lights and
electrical appliances on the first of February 2007, between 1.55 pm
and 2.00 pm in New York, 18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris,
Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55pm in Ottawa, 10.55am on the Pacific Coast
of North America.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this
is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not
take long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders
that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and
foremost in political debate.

Why February 1? This is the day when the new UN report on global
climate change will come out in Paris.

This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion
to show how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all
participate, this action can have real media and political weight.

Please circulate this call to your utmost ability to your network.

Forwarded by Chris Castle chris@mccastle.com . Apologies for any

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